Lifehacks From 100 Years Ago

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How to pull out long nails

How to kill a tree stump

How to make a simple gate latch

How to make corks fit

How to make a fire extinguisher

How to make a water fountain for chicks

How to adjust a door

How to cool wine without ice

How to clean an oil painting

How to extract a splinter

How to treat squeaky boots.

How to remove a tight ring from a finger.

How to clean bottles.

How to measure with coins.

How to draw a circle without compasses

How to keep a paint brush handle clean.

How to pickup broken glass

How to separate glass tumblers.

How to light a match in the wind.

How to tell the points of a compass with a watch.

How to revive cut flowers.

How to judge the freshness of a lobster.

How to stop a runaway horse.

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